Quotations And Problem Diagnosis

Have you got a problem that no one has been able to solve? A persistent damp or mould problem? A leak which can’t be sourced? We specialise in diagnosing these problems for you.

Remedial Building can provide a schedule where necessary of required works. This report may be geared toward a specific purpose eg. Foundation repair, rectification of a water leak to a planter box. This schedule will usually include:

  • a description of the problem,
  • the preferred outcome,
  • the Scope of Works to achieve the outcome
  • A separate costing of the project to enable tendering
  • A list of exclusions and inclusions in the price to make it clear what is covered
  • Digital photos may be required to illustrate the problems.

We can assist you by providing quotations for all your building and maintenance work (Including Insurance Claims).

We can provide a quotation or tender on your existing Scope of Works, or even give you reasonable explanations as to why it may not work, or provide you with a better, more cost-effective alternative.

Reports can be delivered verbally or in writing (PDF), whichever is most specific to your needs.

In most cases, we will try to work with the strata to fit projects into budget and stage them where possible to alleviate financial pressure on the strata.

Please call us to arrange your quotation or to assist you in diagnosing your problems.