Our Team

Director: Ian Plunkett
Ian is the Director and key driver of the business. He prepares the Scope of Works for a lot of our jobs and he understands the safety and risk management aspects of the work. Ian is able to quote on a wide variety of jobs. He does most of our initial client contact, including working with the strata managers and the site contacts for our jobs. He has adopted a pragmatic, top-down approach to solve issues in buildings, rather than always adopting the more expensive “demolishing” and starting over approach. He understands the budgetary constraints that most Owner’s Corporations are faced with and works to solve issues within their means. He started in the building game as a plumber first, upgrading to a Hydraulic Engineer. He then went on to get his builder’s and Supervisors licence, followed by a Building Consultant licence, although the BC Licencing scheme was scrapped. Having a thorough knowledge of Hydraulic Engineering and Building combined has allowed him to solve many waterproofing issues over the years.

Project Supervisor: Evan Stivaktas
Evan is our main site Supervisor. He is the one who coordinates the key personnel to complete each job and makes sure they are doing the job correctly and to standard. He is generally the one who will liaise with the clients, and discuss any onsite issues with them. Evan also has a relationship with our Contractors and Suppliers and coordinates with them on our requirements for each job/site. As our work ranges from small to large jobs, this is understandably a challenging and time-consuming role.

Nicole Plunkett

Office Manager: Nicole Plunkett
Nicole takes care of the day to day operations of the business. She manages the fleet, the business insurances, takes care of the financial operations and looks after all the general administration of the business. She brings knowledge of IT and has been helpful in the day to day running and setup of our office. Nicole is usually the one who is our initial contact with clients, communicating with tenants and owners to sort out access and coordinate site inspections.

Richard M:
Richard is our senior tradesman who is able to complete a wide range of remedial tasks. He is a tradesman with an ability to do most trade jobs instinctively and he is able to adapt to any situation. Richard is great with cavity flashing works, masonry and waterproofing to name a few.

Steve N:
Steve is our “GoTo” man. He is able to coordinate a team of tradesmen and organise the materials and tools they need to work on each site. He works tirelessly to ensure works are carried out appropriately. He is great with our clients and looks after each site meticulously. He also organises our workshop and takes pride in it’s order and neatness.

David L:
David came to work with us straight out of high school and started his apprenticeship with us. David is an efficient and fast tradesman who can reach anything due to his extra long size. He has ‘long’ been depended upon to reach a ceiling or roof where no one else is able! That is how he earned the nickname, Stretch. He is a real shire boy who loves to indulge in a weekend motorbike ride.

Shane K:
Shane started with us many years ago as a mature age apprentice. He has grown and developed into a fully fledged tradesman who does a quality job. He takes pride in completing a neatly finished tradesman-like job, and is great with our clients. Shane is reliable and conscientious and able to work in a variety of environments. He is a very useful tradesman and rounds out the package with a dry wit.