Our Company


Building Advisory Pty Ltd started originally as Building Advisory Service Pty Ltd in 2004 when Ian Plunkett and Evan Stivaktas recognised a need for a comprehensive strata maintenance service. Evan and Ian collectively have over 60 years’ experience in the remedial building and plumbing trades. Both of them met when first learning the plumbing trade and continued on to complete a night school course in Hydraulic Engineering. This has been invaluable in the building industry. The strata maintenance industry was starting to grow as the Sydney area holds buildings which were reaching 30 and 40 years old and were starting to show wear and tear and the requirement for capital improvement.

Our specialties are concrete spalling repairs, masonry cracking repairs, comprehensive leak diagnosis, waterproofing (planter boxes, courtyards, balconies etc), tiling, retaining walls and structural repairs amongst many others. We changed our name in 2011 to Building Advisory Pty Ltd and our clients are returning year after year. We still work entirely for Strata Management companies, although part of this is now Building Management companies which require assistance with their client buildings, predominantly around the Sydney city areas.


  • We are specialist strata maintenance contractors.
  • We are fully licensed builders – License No 237535C.
  • We are an established organisation who closely manage the quality and workmanship of our employees and contractors.
  • We have industry affiliation with HIA.
  • We employ Workplace Health and Safety on every job.
  • We are insured for Public Liability and Workers Compensation.
  • We use CBUS industry superannuation for our employees.